About us

Our passion.
Our purpose.
Our team.

We are Format — a team of experts at the intersection of the tech and creative spaces. We’re driven by a singular passion and purpose: to help photographers succeed and thrive.

We are passionate about finding new ways to provide the photography community the tools and resources they need to share their work and grow their business. Our work is never done.


Born from creativity.
Shaped by our values.

We are a company built on the things we believe in — impact, trust, care, simplicity, and a healthy dose of hard work. These values guide who we are and how we work.


Impact is everything.

The ability to make an impact drives us forward each and every day. Whether it’s for our members, company, team, or culture — we strive to make an impact with ideas that are better, smarter, and more innovative.


Trust leads to trust.

Trust is contagious. That’s why we bring our true selves to work every day and take accountability for our actions. It leads to better work and a better work experience. We trust ourselves and our team to do what’s right.


We care.

When you love what you do, you care about the people around you. Kindness, empathy, and respect are a part of our everyday culture and actions. This commitment to caring impacts everything we touch and leads to taking better care of our community.


Simple is always better.

We are a team of naturally curious problem solvers. Our years of experience have taught us that the best solutions are the simplest solutions. Reducing complexity, building intuitive experiences, and concise communication drive our mission of creating more with less.

We love our work.

When you love where you work, it doesn’t feel like work at all. Our team members know a thing or two about that. Here’s what they have to say about life at Format.

I love working at Format because this team really wants to win. They are hard working, passionate about the mission, and focus on what really matters. ”
John, VP of Product
I've never worked with such a smart, dedicated team. I really feel like I found my people at Format. ”
Lauren, Designer
I’ve been working in Toronto’s digital marketing and tech industries for over a decade. Format is the first organization I’ve worked for where the senior leadership is sincerely dedicated to the team’s happiness and well-being. This attitude permeates the organization and contributes to Format’s fantastic culture. ”
Chris, Senior Front-End Developer
At Format, I have the autonomy I need to do my job and the opportunity to collaborate with a team full of experts, plus I’m constantly encouraged to learn and grow. Being part of a small team means everything we do has a direct impact on the business. We also genuinely care about each other, which is reflected in our fun-loving company culture. ”
Steph, Content Manager

How we work sets us apart.

Our vision and how we work provides our team members with the freedom and resources needed to work creatively and meet personal and professional goals.

One team, one goal.

No matter which department, title, or role you have at Format, we all are unified by the same goal: empowering the freedom of professional photographers. While each of us has a different responsibility in that process, it all comes back to that shared purpose.

We are goal driven.

Our goals are big—for both our business and ourselves. That’s why we set professional and personal goals and check in each quarter to ensure we’re on track to meet them. This helps build a culture of focus, accountability, and success.

Bootstrapped since day one.

Since our inception in 2010, we’ve been proudly self-funded. This means we’ve been able to build and grow the business they way we’d like since the day we opened our doors. It has also helped us create a pretty amazing work environment with some great benefits and perks.

Autonomy to succeed.

We trust in the talents of our team. And by doing so, give them the freedom to get things done. More than that, our team members make important decisions every day and have a tangible impact on the business. We hire driven people and give everyone the autonomy they need to be successful.

Design focused.

Working with the creative community, it’s no wonder why we’re driven to deliver beautiful design that honors the quality of our members’ work. Our standard for great design is high and it informs everything we do.

Authentic culture.

There are a lot of reasons our team members love working at Format, but being able to bring their true selves to work each and every day is at the top of the list. We believe in building an inclusive work environment that fosters innovation, creativity, and diversity.


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